Seaside Avenue is Lebanon’s leading shoe brand producing women’s, men’s and kid’s shoes that are affordable, comfortable and fashionable. Renowned for our vast collection of designs and attention to details, our collection is sure to elevate any wardrobe.
Dating back to 1951, the Tchilinguirian family began its journey in the shoe industry. For decades, the family business has been catering to shoe makers; supplying heels, soles, and insoles needed for shoe production, as well as trading textiles. But when brothers, Joe and Hratch, recognized a big gap in the market for affordable, comfortable and fashionable shoes, Seaside Avenue was created. With the knowledge and skills gained in the shoe industry, constantly traveling to fairs, and closely following fashion trends, building an actual shoe brand was just one step further.

Seaside Avenue was born online through Instagram and Facebook, and in no time thanks to high customer satisfaction and word-of mouth, became the go-to brand for shoes. Further to our social media presence, a practical website and trendy showroom exist to display our woman’s, men’s and kid’s collection. Today, after two years of operation, we pride ourselves in producing a large spectrum of models to suit all tastes, fast turnaround on trends, closely monitored production, and our unfailing customer service.
In preparation for the coming season, a must-have collection is launched. Our shoes are designed and produced in Beirut, in our factory premises. Skilled craftsmen and shoe makers tend to the designs by hand which are then closely monitored by our quality control team. Customers can view and shop our models through our social media platforms, website, showroom, or through Lebanon’s renowned department store, ABC mall.
After an exponentially growing market share in Lebanon, and high demand from the Middle Eastern market, our aim is to expand and cater internationally. Our shoes can compete with international brands, offering the same, if not better, comfort and quality.